Against All Odds: Trang Dang-Le

(PODCAST) Trang Dang-Le is a real estate broker owner (and proud mom) who makes a huge difference in her world

I am always encouraged when I encounter success stories that stem from a charitable cause, a government program that was designed to “help” or one of my favorites, an educational opportunity that awakens the student to endless possibilities.

Then there are heart-wrenching stories that defy all odds.

Recently one of my team members met and wrote a story about Dallas businesswoman Trang Dang-Le.

Trang attributes her success to a father who reinforced the importance of education every single day. And probably the most important fact is she accomplished her triumphs only after she returned to work when her three daughters were old enough to tend to themselves.

Trang's early life as a Vietnam refugee combines devastating moments of loss with hopeful happenings that stir the human spirit. Her story is truly uplifting for all moms on the entrepreneurial path.

Wonderful interview, @TrangDangLe. Your story is an inspiration.

A success story for a Mom that went back to work. Hopefully, we will see more like this.

Thank you Cindy. It’s not always easy, but we all must do what we have to do for our family especially our young kids.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity Neale. You inspired me too!

I wish we could read more success stories of those who struggled early in life and triumphed later in life. I have to ask, Trang did you ever doubt yourself?