Future DIL has about $4,000 on CC with a interest rate of 18%. I've been looking for a better option for her. I found a card at EECU that is fixed at 7% on all balance transfers. However, there is verbiage in the details that the rate could be adjusted at the end of 1 year based on "credit worthiness". Her credit score is 720sh. Do you have a better option that I can point her to? Thanks!

@ScottInWeatherford The terms and conditions of today's credit cards are extremely abusive. So, you probably won't get a better terms. I looked up Penfed.com and they have a 4.9% 12 months balance transfer. However, after that first year, those rates can vary from 9% to 17%. I would go with the EECU and reevaluate after the first 12 months. Credit Unions typically treat customers better than banks. Tell her to always increase the payment over the minimum payment. If she gets a big rate increase just look for the next deal to transfer it to -I hope that helps.