Hope you can help!

Bob, I had worked at University of Texas at Arlington for nearly two years back in 1997. I left in search of better pay. Leaving a good state job at the college.

Now after 20 years, I'm hoping it was the Lord above that brought me back.

With that said, I called UTA retirement the other day about my time from 95 to 97. They said I could buy my time back for I believe around $5k.

Basically the amount they gave me in 97 at 8% × 20 or 22 years. That's how long it's been and I don't remember the exact amount it was.

Hopefully I can and or will stay with UTA long enough to retire this time. And hopefully my years with The City of Arlington will count towards UTA's TRS (Teacher's Retirement System).

With that said should I buy my time back at UTA?

Bob, not thinking about the future back then in 97 or that I'd ever come back to UTA. I took that money from UTA and put it in a Roth IRA with Chase bank. Because I thought I had to. Now Chase bank charges a yearly fee.

I was thinking of taking that Roth IRA money NOW and buying my time back.

What do You think?

You know if I were to retire from UTA I would have a life long check.

Even if I worked there another 20 years, the money I would contribute. Would probably never last me alone the rest ofmy life.

That's why it would be good to have a life long check. That I would get if I stick it out and retire from UTA.

UTA goes off of a point and teir system. Basically years of service plus age. To qualify for retirement.

You know with Arlington after 16.5 years their. Between my TMRS (Texas Municipal Retirement System) and 401 k contributions. Was only around $140 k.

$140k alone whould NEVER last me the rest of my life.

My prayer and goal is to stay at UTA and be able to retire. Lord Willing!

My future is in His hands.

I respect your advice and request prayer in this decision I'm thinking about.

Take Care and God Bless,

@1971Browning If you paid 5,000 for those years, what would be the benefit and at what age? Also how much of the current Roth IRA is contributions versus earnings?