I discovered fraudulent charges on my credit card. I've since had my card replaced but am very concerned because I received an advertisement brochure from the vendor of one of the fraudulent charges (a Christian bookstore nonetheless) meaning they have my mailing address. What steps should I take to be sure I am not a victim of identity theft?

@attrina In general you want to sign up for a credit monitoring service to monitor your credit reports. I like www.truecredit.com. As far as the fraud incident on your credit card, unfortunately, that is just the world we live in. It is very common place. You canceled the card and then you have a new one. That is the first step. The second step is to schedule some time once a week to review your cards. You can also check to see what kind of alerts the credit card offers. Fortunately, credit card companies have very liberal policies when it comes fraud. I hope that helps!

@attrina - i wanted to add one more thing. You might call the Christian book store and inform them of what happened and make sure that your not signed up for something.