You have people on your radio program that encourage good debt like student loans and mortgage debt, but you claim to approach money from a Biblical perspective. There is no positive mention of debt in the Bible. How can you support these individuals who recommend debt as a way to grow your wealth? Isn't there serious risk involved with debt that you are not mentioning?

@Ron_in_Roanoke - I think that you have to look at it from two perspectives. First, no where in the Bible is debt referred to as a sin. Second, you have to consider the definition of good debt vs. bad debt and which is good stewardship. Using leverage can be a good thing as long as you know when it will pay off, the interest rate is reasonable, and it does nothing to limit your freedom. Once debt starts limiting your freedom, you have a problem. Most people cannot buy a home without a mortgage. There is a smart way to use debt and then there are freedom limiting ways of using debt. God wants us to be free to serve. thanks for your comments

What about the risk issue. You did not discuss that serious issue. Where in the Bible does it mention that debt is a good thing? Doesn't the Bible note in several places that debt makes you a slave to the lender? God does want us to be free to serve. we can best do that by being free of debt.