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So important to me...I have 3 young teenage girls and save all that I can. I'm still not confident we'll be able to afford it, but I will do all I can to provide them each with the best education we can. PM's college tips have been both reassuring and helpful. Thanks@

Find out and run the numbers! The anxiety comes not knowing- good or bad. Read John Hupalo's content under college planning. He is excellent!


Chris: Your girls are fortunate to have you dedicated to this mission. I think college "fit" has three components. Academic/social/financial. Savings is one (important) component of the financial puzzle as is applying for financial aid and scholarships. Knowing the financial aid process, starting early and meeting the deadlines are also important. At the end of the day, if student loans are a necessity, a good rule of thumb: students should not borrow more than for all of college than the amount they might make in the first year of their job after graduation.