Deceptive Money: A step-by-step guide to take your life back from the credit trap by Bob Brooks

Don't Fall For The Debt Trap. Get Out Now!Get this 235 page step-by-step guide to avoid and recover from debt.

Credit card companies are waging a war on consumers by raising interest rates, lowering credit limits, and closing accounts. The indebted US consumer is facing a trap that appears to be hopeless. Low credit scores, dealing with debt collectors, late payments, and foreclosures have become commonplace in the lives of millions of Americans. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Deceptive Money offers you realistic and hopeful answers to the perplexing problem of debt, along with step-by-step directions to remain debt free. This book is one of the most comprehensive and complete resources on debt available on the market.

Can you answer "yes" to any of the questions below?

  • Do you want a better way to manage your expenses?
  • Do you want to improve your credit score?
  • Is debt threatening your financial security?
  • Do you want to learn the tricks that the credit industry is playing on you?
  • Are you dealing with calls and threats from debt collectors?
  • Are you in so much debt that you don't know the first step to take?
  • Are you unable to find the extra money that you need each month?

Most importantly, do you want to know God’s answer to debt?

There is hope and Deceptive Money provides the answers.


Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams: A Parent's Step-by-Step Guide from Pre-K to Senior Year from the Co-Founders of Invite Education by John Hupalo and Peter Mazareas, Ph.D.

Plan and Finance your Family's College Dreams: A parent's step by step guide from pre-k to senior year of high school provides clear and concise guidance on how to successfully save, plan, apply to and finance a college education. From John Hupalo and Peter Mazareas, Ph.D, two of the nation's leading experts on college admissions planning, student loans.

The Experts Agree!

Plan and Finance Your Family’s College Dreams is a well-written, comprehensive road map simplifying complex financial strategies to saving and paying for higher education. Build the best personal college savings plan, navigate student loans to your advantage, get admitted to the best university possible – it is all here, and more, in one volume. This is an essential reference for families of all income levels, with children of all ages, to secure a financially stress-free college experience. In my thirty years in the industry, I have never seen a better guide for financing and preparing for college. This book is a must have. [William W. Montjoy, Honorary Chairman and Senior Counsel of Global Education Group]


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