I have a fixed annuity and got an 8% sign on bonus, which was nice but the annual return has been 3% or less, which I am not happy with. My money is safe from market downturns but it isn't growing like I'd like it to.

@jmarkb - when did you take it out?

It's actually still in there - I had to make a 10-yr commitment to keep it in. I guess when we get into the bear market it will change my mind a little about having it. I can actually start taking certain amounts out now without any penalty. I have other retirement investments too so no big deal. I wanted to diversify my investment types when I got it. I also invested in several REITS which are doing quite well. And of course I have stock and mutual fund investments too. I don't own any gold though. I wanted to pull the trigger on gold several years ago but was advised by my then financial advisor not to - shouldn't have listened because at that time gold was selling for under $300.00/oz. Live and learn I guess.