Trump needs more yes-men. There is an irony that exists. I would assume that the qualities of confidence, type A work ethic, and the quality of being a maverick helped him in the selection process of the people that surround him. The very reasons he made his picks were on qualities that reflected his own qualities. Yet, that doesn't produce a yes-man or yes-woman. Those qualities are direct opposite of what you would find in a yes-man or yes-woman. As his maverick picks disagree with him on policy, they are shown the door. Apparently, it is his way or the highway. President Trump, hire you a few yes-people. That way, you won't end up getting rid of them when they disagree with some of your questionable ideas. Just ask Gary Cohn...

Trump is a master of negotiations. He knows the "art of the deal" involves asking for much more than you really expect in order to get what you will accept. Everyone thinks he is so arrogant that he won't listen to his advisors but I think differently. What we are witnessing is not merely a man making decisions, he is a man appointed by God for this day and time. In the past God has used people we would not think would be the best for the job, but His purpose is much higher than ours. God used Cyrus, and Trump has been compared to Cyrus by some who have a deep understanding of the Bible and of prophesy. Would Peter have been your first choice to lead the first Christian Church? Would Paul have been your choice to spread the gospel and write most of the New Testament? Would you have approved the choice of David as king? Or Moses to lead the Israelites? God has chosen Trump, and that I am absolutely convinced of. It isn't about what he did in the past or has said or done in the present - it is about God choosing a man he can use for His purpose, and God doesn't make mistakes.

Brother you are observing these events through the prophetic word of the Lord. Could not agree more with you, just as the Lord chose Nebuchadnazer to show His glory to the kingdom of Babylon which was the "golden head" of all empires that ever existed. We are in one agreement, God chooses who he will bring to power to glorify His name only like He can do, miraculously. The way the country was being directed was not in the best interest of our families. Thank God Hillary did not win, worshiper of the occult.

@Bornagain @jmarkb - I don't disagree. I think that he is God's man in the office. Here is the problem that I see - tariffs typically don't work because they define a winner and a loser when they are resolved. There is something to say for the way you deliver the message. These countries have pride and are insulted easily. You could say so what? It is just reality. I love that he is taking the non-political approach by thinking out of the box. I think he would be more effective with a little diplomacy within the message. Let's face it - no one is perfect. I would just like to see a little more diplomacy couched with taking action. These politicians just take the diplomatic route without taking action or following through on consequences. Trump at least takes action. The potential challenge is that there are unintended consequences with something as drastic as tariffs. He is a master negotiator. Further, I think he is a brilliant man. He is not an island unto his self.

Can't disagree with you Bob. However I must say, Trump is different than any other president because he was already doing business internationally for years and he knows how these leaders and countries work. He is a master negotiator and he knows which cards to show and which cards to hold. Our problem for years has been "diplomacy" which only leads to inaction. Trump is not a diplomat, he is a business man. I think he will learn some things he didn't know or perhaps didn't understand prior to becoming POTUS but that is far more easier than a president who knows how "diplomacy" works but doesn't know how the business world really works, particularly international business. It doesn't matter what Trump does, the left and the main stream media are going to oppose it and make it sound like it is the dumbest idea ever. As with prophesy and most everything else, time will tell!

@jmarkb - good points - I left one thing out. I have read most of his autobiographies and determined one thing. He is a boom and bust roll the dice kind of guy. He either wins big or goes down in flames. Of course, he is still the same way on a much bigger scale. If he wins, that is one thing. If he busts, that is going to hurt. I am hoping he wins. So, don't get me wrong. I am just providing commentary. You are right about the media. It seems that either side is going to give him a break. It will be interesting to see how his Presidency shapes up. By the way, we have a text group that alerts you by text when we post. I don't know if you are on it. IF you want to be instant message me your cell phone number.