In order to see the whole picture, you need perspective. He lacks that, that is why he needs no-men and no-women and no-people.

Sorry, but I can't give any credence to anything reported by or anyone associated with CNBC. Regardless of what Paul Ryan or any of the other Republicans say, America is getting the shaft by virtually every country with whom we have a trade agreement. So they threaten not to do business with the US if we impose tariffs - big deal, we import more than we export. And if we move all our manufacturing back to the US some countries economies will tank. Trump is right.


For the past 4 administrations, the US has had some kind of "crisis of confidence"...that we are at the mercy of what other countries "feel" in addition to needing approval from the United Nations and the global economey. This inferiority complex was just that...a mirage. Like Trump or not, he's blown that inferiority complex to pieces.

A strong leader prefers to hear opposing views and be challenged by his people. Nobody would confuse Trump with a strong leader.