@jmarkb - There is no question that America is coming out on the short end of the stick. As a leader you can't arrogantly come across as he did and not expect repercussions. It is a lot more complex than that. Bear in mind that the last time that this happened was 1930 with the Smoot-Hartly act which drove us deeper into the Great Depression. I think that the problem is the consequences we can't see.

@atkinsww1 - Even though there is good and bad with Trump - he is much better than the alternative.

Trump is a master of negotiations. He knows the "art of the deal" involves asking for much more than you really expect in order to get what you will accept. Everyone thinks he is so arrogant that he won't listen to his advisors but I think differently. What we are witnessing is not merely a man making decisions, he is a man appointed by God for this day and time. In the past God has used people we would not think would be the best for the job, but His purpose is much higher than ours. God used Cyrus, and Trump has been compared to Cyrus by some who have a deep understanding of the Bible and of prophesy. Would Peter have been your first choice to lead the first Christian Church? Would Paul have been your choice to spread the gospel and write most of the New Testament? Would you have approved the choice of David as king? Or Moses to lead the Israelites? God has chosen Trump, and that I am absolutely convinced of. It isn't about what he did in the past or has said or done in the present - it is about God choosing a man he can use for His purpose, and God doesn't make mistakes.

Brother you are observing these events through the prophetic word of the Lord. Could not agree more with you, just as the Lord chose Nebuchadnazer to show His glory to the kingdom of Babylon which was the "golden head" of all empires that ever existed. We are in one agreement, God chooses who he will bring to power to glorify His name only like He can do, miraculously. The way the country was being directed was not in the best interest of our families. Thank God Hillary did not win, worshiper of the occult.