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@sarahjones - wow it has been a long time since I have come cross that body of work. It is one of many cycle studies that would indicate that we have a third wave left. In fact, long-term bear market cycles which I still believe we are in one started in 2000. They typically have three major declines and we have had only one - that is based on Michael Alexander's book stock market cycles. There are other bodies of work that point to one more drop. If you like reading that sort of thing, instant message me your email and I will put you on my private client letter list. . I write every 2 weeks. I have a separate list of people who like to read my work. I just take out the client information. We could be entering into that third phase as we speak.

@sarahjones - one last thing Money and Markets is headed up by Martin Weiss. I have interviewed him 3 or 4 times back in the 2000's on the radio show. They sell newsletters. So, they write like we are heading into the apocalypse. It sells newsletters. So, you have to filter it a bit. However, that is a legitimate cycle. Now whether it plays out or not we will see. Like I said it does line up with other bodies of work.