I Need Your Help

Hi, I'm Rocky. Bob thought my cute mug photo might get your attention.

I Need Your Help

Hi, I'm Rocky. Bob thought my cute mug photo might get your attention. I have nothing to do with this email except be cute.

Sorry about the deceptive use of Rocky's picture to get your attention. I might be partial. However, I think my dog is a handsome dog. I really wanted you to consider my message below.

We initiated the Modern Day Steward Movement at the end of the year last year.

The MDSM (for short) is a movement of like-minded believers who want to increase financial literacy and knowledge to deal with money more successfully. Most importantly, the main emphasis is on increasing the effectiveness of the relationship we have between God and Money. Stewardship is the answer. Yet, stewardship is often seen as an irrelevant concept from Old Testament days of the Bible and not relatable to the modern times.

That is furthest from the truth. It is more important and relevant than ever in these modern times.

We look to Matthew 6:24 for an answer. Christ said, "You cannot serve two masters: God and money. For you will hate one and love the other, or else the other way around." This is very black and white. As Christians, there is the tendency to spend a lot of time trying to serve two masters. All it does is create financial chaos and what I call relationship chaos which includes our key relationships and most importantly our relationship with God.

How do we allow God to make a difference in this movement?

It comes in two parts. First, making resources available. Some of these I have already implemented, and some are in the works. Second, building and creating a community on www.prudentmoney.com.

This is where I need your help. I need a group of people who I refer to as founding members to go to www.prudentmoney.com and when they can do the following:

  1. "Like" new material posted
  2. If you can make the time, comment on new material posted and comment on other reader comments

This is how you start building community.

It doesn't matter if you know a lot or very little about money and stewardship. If you have the desire to learn and a heart for stewardship or an opinion or two, you are a fit.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, email me at bob@prudentmoney.com. Include your cell phone in the event spam filters get in the way and we will text to you the information instead. Incidentally, this group will always have full access to me for advice on anything money related as a means of saying thanks.

If that doesn't interest you, then simply help out by joining the prudent money community by following the website. To create a log-in, click here.

Stewardship is the answer to today's financial problems. Be a part in as big or small ways as you want. We are all on the same journey of learning to be the prudent steward God wants us to be.

thank you @SarahJones and @JudithParrish

This is cool! Looking forward to the conversations and discoveries about how to be smart with finances and daily living!

@Liberty -thanks for joining the cause!!

This is great!

@prudentmillennial - thank you for the kind words!