Check the weekly video now. It should be up. I'm able to view it again from my side.

DB's downtrend looks to have ended last October. Even when bad news still persisted, it began to shrug it off. Notice the huge buying volume spike from institutional investors buying and likely covering shorts too. Notice the upward sloping 50-week moving average and the strengthening RSI and MACD. These are all great signs for DB. It's 200-week moving average, around the $26ish level will be its first major sticking point of resistance. $34ish will be its next one up from that. Keep in mind, it's been down for a long time...so once those trends turn up, the uptrends can last for years. So the stock could far surpass both of those resistance zones and go back to its old highs, in due time.

Sean I also have DB in my portfolio, Are you going to do a new review of the AP positions as you did with the UWR. I would like to have the exit prices since I'm carrying several of those positions also. Thanks

In the latest weekly video, I went through the AP positions right after the UWR positions.

Sorry Sean for some reason I thought I had heard the full video. I got the exit prices for the AP positions. Thanks again


No problem at all. That video was longer than usual because it discussed both former portfolios one more time.