Got a little chuckle out of the latest UWR newsletter; my subscription has not run out yet. A pull quote on the front page starts out, "We likely have another year or two of this bull run in the stock market..." Sounds like a momentum trader who can't read the handwriting on the wall. I'm glad I'm not paying any attention to his advice.

UWR is now edited by Andrew Packer. It is now very confusing to those subscribers as Andrew is now advocating resources stocks . I am just waiting for my subscription to expire. I found Sean to be the best because his explanation is logical & I also appreciate him teaching all the biblical principles on money management/stewardship.


For that very reason, I called and asked for a refund on the remainder of my subscription. They actually gave it to me without any question.


They put the wrong guy in my place, in my opinion. They should have put someone in my place with a similar strategy rather than a strategy that is the exact opposite of what I teach.

Andrew Packer is a better choice than who they had in there formerly but Andrew's and my views still differ some. But he's a good guy. Glad to see him in place of the last guy.