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Hello Sean
Thank for starting logical Investor, I really like the way you present yourself and was disappointed when you left UWP. But now that your back I can be more confident in my investing with your help. And I know by lessoning to you that your a man of God & you know his word & live by them. Hers is my question I still hold these stock from UWP Overall they are doing very well CEO., MBT., SLX., DO., RIG., OGZPY.,TOT., BP., QCOM., RIO., FXC. My question is I know in your August report if I understood it right to hang on to those stocks even if market takes a dive they wouldn't be beaten down to make..........Thank You

Thank you. I appreciate that. Those stocks are at a value still. It doesn't mean they can't initially go down. Anything can initially go down. However, institutional money has to go somewhere. It can't just go to cash. So where does it go? It ends up going to where the values are.