Hey Sean,
Just want to pick your brain for a second. I've noticed that recently most of your picks are more of the ETF variety. Is that more of a defensive style due to the likelihood of a market "tumble?" Personally, I like to obtain stocks that offer dividends. In other words, companies "give" me money just for holding their stock, or money I do not have to do anything to obtain. I love your site and all the insight you offer. I've learned a lot from you since following you back in 2015. Thanks so much!!!

There is no pattern there. I just look for value wherever I can find it. Sometimes its in an stock and sometimes in an ETF. Typically when we go with an ETF, its because its in a very volatile area of the market and its when that entire sector/industry/country, etc. has been suppressed and the sentiment is negative across the board in that area. Also, an ETF that's trading at a value can be more defensive than an individual stock. But we'll have plenty of both. I major on stocks because they can be most readily defined fundamentally, but I look for value wherever I can find it. And there are areas of the market where I don't want to have to try to pick the one or two stocks that may prosper when the entire sector/industry/country has been beaten down.

I'm glad you're enjoying the site. Thanks for being a long-time follower/subscriber and for participating on this site.

good explanation