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Hey Sean, Looks like CEO gaped up pretty good today and getting stretched from the averages. Might be a good time to take some profits?

Tim, it's not a length of time. It's really if the drop is far enough percentage wise to make the averaging down worth while (by materially lowering your average breakeven costs).

Thanks Sean, I love this new format and how quick you can get back to me. I showed my my wife what you said and she says “ Is that really him getting back to you this quick?” Lol


Ha-ha! Normally, I can get back to someone pretty quickly. From Friday through Sunday, I was in West Virginia teaching a church on my book, The Six Keys To Financial Success. So I was away from the site through that time. But on the norm, yes, it's typically a fairly timely response. So glad you're enjoying this format.

Sean, always desiring to learn.... I think you would point out the a-b-c pattern that dropped CEO from $213 to $76 over a 55 plus month period of time. Wave one then took the stock up over $56 from $76 to $132 in 8 or 9 months. Wave two dropped it from there to $106 in about another 9 months. In the last 3 months or so it has increased about $37, evidently beginning wave three. So here is my question: Since wave three's and five's are usually longer and stronger than wave one's would it be correct to expect this wave three to likely increase the stock price more than $56 and last longer than 8 or 9 months (time period not as clear as the price increase)? Is that partly at least why you see the price breaking through the resistance around $154? The resistance at $175 to $186 is more of a challenge for two reasons: there is much stronger resistance in that area, and a wave three could be rejected for a while, or could transition into a wave four at that point. If a wave four happens there, when it is completed wave five will carry the stock to the $213 area, and perhaps well beyond. Thanks a lot for your teaching on all things related to investing and "good stewardship". I "think" I have learned a great deal from you, and look forward to better investing and learning much more as we move forward.


Larry, since wave 1 rose $56 and wave 3's are longer than wave 1's, you can add the $56 gain of wave 1 to the bottom of wave 2 (which is also the start of wave 3) and the stock should go further than that amount in wave 3 (which would be higher than $162). And wave 5 should take it likely higher than wave 3. So that's part of the reason why the first resistance should have no problem being broken. The other is that it's not a major point of resistance like the next higher zone which held many more times and over a longer period of time. It stands a great shot at eventually reaching its top resistance level and could very well break through it and go back to the $213 level or higher depending on how it deals with that top/red resistance zone. I'm glad you're learning lots. Thanks for joining me here. Help me spread the word about the site.