Hi Sean can u cover Dvn wave counts currently thx

Hi Sean: Just to clarify: wave abc is the downtrend, and 123 (etc) is the uptrend wave. Is that right ? (I mean in the sense of terminology)

a-b-c's are the major downtrend waves. And 1-2-3-4-5 are the major uptrend wave counts. But additionally, each pullback wave within an uptrend (waves 2 and 4) can have a-b-c pullbacks within them. and all advancing waves within the uptrend (waves 1-3-5 have five mini waves within them).

Thank you. Are there always 5 waves ? I vaguely remember you saying at some point that the emerging markets and metals tend to have 5 waves, whilst the others have 3 (or is it that those stocks perform better in wave 5 than wave 3 ?) As you can tell, I'm way behind. Have only recently had time off (and a better performing brain), to try and assimilate. Thanks for your patience.

There are always five waves within waves 1,3 and 5.

No, it's not different asset classes that have different wave counts. All asset classes will have the same Elliott Wave rules. Some assets are just more volatile than others. But that doesn't affect their wave counts. Wave C's can sometimes vary.