Hi Sean,
For those of us whose 401Ks are heavily invested in the S&P 500 and want to heed your warnings of an impending correction, what type sector or typical 401K type "fund" would you recommend we place are money in? Bond Funds? International Sock Funds? or maybe just Short-Term Reserves?

Thanks much, Paul T.

In this instance, bonds are a dangerous place to be too now (in my opinion). A money market or stable value type of fund could be considered. And when there's a huge pullback in them, an emerging stock fund could do well. But in emerging markets, you don't want a high percentage of your portfolio in it.

Thanks Sean, I know you are uncomfortable giving opinion, but know that it’s truly valued for sure.

Thanks. It's not that I'm uncomfortable. I've got strong opinions. ha-ha! It's just that I'm not allowed "with my publisher's hat on" to give one-on-one advice. I have to give it to mass crowds via newsletters, videos, interviews, etc. And people have to see what they think is right for them and their situation in light of my insights/recommendations.

But I'm glad you find what I have to say valuable and helpful, Paul. I'm glad to hear that.