Hi Sean,
I've been following your advise for almost a year now and am happy and comfortable with the results. Of my original available cash, I'm 2/3 invested in 95% of the picks from the previous news letter UWR. I'm wondering if I should sell and take the profits I've made to be in a more available cash position going forward. I'm 65, still working, and plan to for a few more years, however much less than I used to! I have a fair amount of cash coming in in about 3 to 4 years from the sale of some property. So I'm not hurting at the moment. But I like the idea of having the ability to invest when things get low as it is bound to happen. I've always kicked myself in the past years for not having the cash around to take advantage of the low markets. I've read your posts and monthly letters and understand that the UWR holdings do have some promise. But thought I'd ask anyway.
Best to you and your family,

If you're up a good amount on some of your positions, you might take profits on all or part of those positions to raise some cash for future picks or to be able to average down on present LI picks. I think, with the market overall being so overvalued, that you'd probably want to have more cash on the sidelines than you typically would in a more normal market. That way a market decline becomes an opportunity for you because you'd be ready and able to take advantage of it.

And thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you've enjoyed following my insights and I'm glad you've found them to be helpful.

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it.


You're welcome.