Hi Sean, My financial advisor recommended that both my wife and I open a Roth IRA. Would you recommend we use one of our positions or some other method to invest with? Thanks, Paul T.

I rely on Sean's advice in both my wife's and my IRA's Traditional and Roth as well as my investment accounts. After all the bad advice I had gotten before, I don't trust anyone else.


I would agree with the notion that in the world of personal financial advisors, there is a wide diversity of philosophies regarding money. Inevitably you will find some that disagree with your way of thinking, or with Sean's way of thinking, or both. One has to be judicious in who you listen to. As SafetyPaul said, you have to watch out for those who would give you advice that turns out bad (I've found the same to be true of any advisor/counselor - pastors included)


There is a lot of bad advice out there because just because you get a financial license doesn't mean you know how to value stocks, etc. And the industry focuses more on "assets in and asset retention" the most. Its unfortunate.