Hi Sean: Was wondering if it was now time to sell Encana (ECA)? It is dipping again, but not yet at the $21-$23 target you set for selling.

It's amazing they have that high of a minimum for international. Wow!

Maybe away of concentrating on ‘‘homegrown’ investments .. ? In many ways it’s slways best to remain with own country companies ( for these type of things). In a way that is what the EEC was supposed to be about ... `but the most important is that I don't believe I can hold a SIPP or ISA in an American firm (I think these are similar to the US 401 accounts)


Sure. No prob with sticking with what you know and you're familiar with.

Maybe there are government charges these overseas firms need to recuperate by charging the investor in some way .. never mind :) We can only do the best we can at the time, in given circumstances. Thanks for your input Sean.


Yep, I'm not sure.