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Hi Sean. What's your take/outlook on what some are calling a market "Melt-up"? Meaning, the DOW going to 40K and even higher before a massive drop.

I think Stansberry has lost their minds. Ha-ha! They're very intelligent. But they have a taste for the sensational because that sells best. Remember their, "The End Of America" marketing promo. That was over the top too.

Listening to many parties will always bring confusion rather than clarity. That's why you really have to find who you believe in and stick with it because hearing multiple messages will only confuse and I'd say that even if someone went with someone else and away from me. The mistake money stock market newsletter followers make is in following many of them. And they get so many different messages that they've essentially bought themselves confusion rather than clarity.

By the way, one day...way on down the road, the market will hit 40,000. And if we live long enough, 100,000. But what would be the average P/E of stocks if the market practically doubled in the "here and now". So the Dow's P/E is historically high at 21 now. So could these mature companies support a P/E of 42? Heck no. That's how I know they're full of it, because of measurable things rather than hype and marketing, which will no doubt sell a bunch of letters.

Thanks for the input.