hi Sean, would love to get your thoughts and wisdom about something that's really been bothering me...at the risk of sounding like a tin foil hat type haha, which I'm definitely not, but as a person of faith, it very much disturbs me to hear about these companies like Google, Facebook, Nvidia, etc trying to outdo each other by racing to develop artificial intelligence...Elon Musk from Tesla was concerned enough to say "We're summoning a demon" and that "We should be very careful that we don't do something very foolish" he also said "Ai needs some type of local and international oversight"....I personally believe most of these companies in the Northern California silicon valley pretty much own the town and can get away with whatever they want in the name of research & development with their billions, so there is no oversight. I also look at their market caps in the hundreds of billions and think that the investors are responsible for giving them this type of power. I can't help but think this will all end very badly for humanity, because nobody's paying attention. It's also disturbing to know some of the main developers of Ai have compared it to God, and have organized churches to worship it. I personally don't trust any of these companies or developers to be morally responsible with their decisions about Ai. What are your thoughts on this subject? and how can I as a person of faith and a father/husband reconcile this in my mind when I think of what type of future world my kids will have to deal with as adults...I apologize for the length of this, I know you're busy, this has just really been bugging me. Thanks my friend!

Thanks Sean, I'm not fearful though. Sorry if I gave that impression. It's more of a deep concern spiritually. It's kinda like abortion. I'm not fearful of it, but I'm very concerned & disturbed in my spirit by the reality of it. Wanted to get more of your thoughts on Ai and the direction these companies are headed with Ai, but thanks anyways for the scripture

There will always be evil present in this world. That will never change. But the believer's ability to impact it and maneuver through it will always be there as well.


So the point is, maybe something becomes of AI and maybe it doesn't. Every technological invention/trend that comes along and gets hyped doesn't make it to mainstream. So I don't worry about the future. There is no technology that will ruin mine or any other believer that realizes their own empowerment through Jesus. Through anything bad that comes about, there's always opportunity. The famine in Egypt provided an opportunity for Joseph's advancement, his prosperity and for his God-given wisdom to save the people of Egypt and his own family that came from far away. And so it will be with us. But right now, no one can initially define whether AI will make it or not...how impactful it will be, etc.


As a software developer, I can tell you that I'm not concerned about AI at all. I'm more concerned about the bugs that software developers introduce into the software that runs the power grid, manages your bank account, maybe drives your car (I love my Tesla), and controls your phone. Software developers are people, and they are sloppy, and they aren't smart enough to write programs smarter than they are.