How To Know When To Buy & When To Average Down On Your Investments

I often get these questions: "How do I know when to buy?" and more importantly, "How do I know when to average down?"

So in this video, I want to discuss those two topics. In this video, you'll get:

  • Tips to know when an asset is overvalued
  • Tips to know when a downtrend is likely over
  • How to get closer to a market's bottom (or stock's bottom) by averaging down
  • How I know where it makes sense to average down on a stock or index.
  • How to know if an asset is solid and should be invested in or averaged down on, in the first place

I hope you enjoy the video.

God bless!

Thank you. I sure do appreciate that.

Great video, we had spoke on this, but great public domain knowledge


Thanks. I appreciate it.

Hi Sean. CIG was down significantly today on dollar strength versus the real. Should I buy more? I'm already pretty upside down on it but as a 3 billion dollar company I would be willing to average down. What do you think?

Nope. That was just a typical move for an emerging market stock. No big deal at all. Just regular movement. I’m away from my computer at the moment, but simply check out the search field mentioned in last night’s weekly video. Put in that symbol and you’ll see my recent thoughts on it.