I've tried that a dozen times. I suspect it isn't just me. Perhaps your facilitator can try to break in as a newbie and see if you have been loosing guys like me. I'll try once more, just in good faith, then check back tomorrow and see if my luck has changed.

When you click on the sign-up button, what happens? Also, if you have problems, try using another browser or another device to go to the Premium tab.

We're literally gaining people every single day, thankfully. And hopefully you'll decide to be among us as well.

Actually, I show you already signed up for the newsletter back on 1/26/18 using this email: n7bcz@earthlink.net

So you're already a subscriber. All you need to do is login.

The login area is in the upper left hand side of your computer screen. It's the very bottom icon. Click on it and you'l be able to login.