Sean, any thoughts on NRBAY...?

I would not just buy emerging markets with one's retirement money. That's too volatile for them and too high risk. Typically, a diverse portfolio of different assets in different asset classes is best.

One final question to the above discussion. If countries are moving to devalue their currencies, especially commodity producing countries... could this and would this push the dollar higher for a sustainable period of time? ... and could the Fed be overhyping inflationary pressures? I ask this because there are a lot of companies looking for good workers, yet real wage increases aren't rising with this demand?

Most all countries over time are devaluing their currencies. So it's a race to the bottom for most all of them. That doesn't keep the dollar from going down because our central bank undermines our currency just like all the others do. They want a certain amount of inflation so there's an urgency to spend today because prices will go up tomorrow. That causes inflation and currency dilution. We don't have to worry about what the Fed thinks about inflation. We can simply look at the CRB Commodity Index and tell that inflation is going up.

Excellent point. I have 37% of my portfolio in commodity based investments and companies... the rest is in cash waiting for the soon coming sale. I am so happy and grateful that God led me to your newsletters. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.