Sean, I have joined Logical Investor after being an ultimate wealth customer. Iam struggling to find your portfolio positions. I use my android device to view your newsletter or blog on maven and have not found the link.?

It could be that your Android is somehow not viewing PDF links on the site. You might try accessing this from your computer. Also, you could try using another browser to access the site on your Android. Meanwhile, I've direct messaged you the link. See if you can view it. So check your direct messages. Thanks. And let me know if you're able to view it or not.

Would it be difficult to start linking that in the weekly updates as well? I think that might be the issue, people not realizing it's buried in the monthly newsletter.

It's a pain to update, save and post. So that's why I've done it once a month at the end of the monthly newsletter so far. But I'm mulling lots of things over. We'll see.

It's bolded and with a much larger font. Seems some Android devices aren't "seeing" it though. Not sure why that is.