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Sean, I just wanted to share with you that I took some time today to go through two of the three seminars you did at the the church in West Virginia and wanted you to know what a true blessing it was for me to hear you speak on the biblical principles of finance. Being a Christian for many years, I had heard many of the scriptures you quoted before but kind of brushed over them and did not apply them to my life. The way you pulled together the six keys in to an easy and coheisive way to understand was great. I have been a member of your news letters for about four years and have learnt a great deal in that time and have did pretty well in returns on investment, so for that, I thank you. I am currently trying to get my grown children and my wife to watch the three segments you taught but they don't seem real interested as of yet but I won't give up because I feel it's important to my lineage. I ask that God would continue to bless you and your family so that you can continue in this ministry.

Thank you. I sure do appreciate that. Another option you have is to share it with your grand kids when they're old enough to comprehend it. A thing I did (which I got from John Maxwell) was when my kids wanted money, I'd pay them to read books of my choosing and to write a one page report on what they got out of it. I wasn't looking for how well they wrote the report, etc. like someone would be in school. I was looking to see what concepts they grasped. I'm glad I did that. I'd do it all over again. Many people paid kids for chores. I paid them to read high-impact books (and these days it could be listening to a certain audiobook on their iPhone, etc.).