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Sean I missed the sell on DB because I think I had dropped down to only the one subscription way back when. I guess my question is, should I sell and just get out, or should I wait until it gets back to the price you sold at? If I get out today I don't lose or gain anything. Thanks so much for all of your insight! You are teaching us great investing principles! Keeping the emotions out is my hardest part!

I never issued a sell for DB but a guy they had in my place in the Absolute Profits portfolio did. It is my opinion that DB is past its worst and has some great days ahead of it. $25 per share will be its first major resistance, but in time, it will likely have no problem regaining its $50 resistance level.

Perfect! I will stay in! Thanks so much Sean!


Unfortunately, at the last publisher, I didn't always have all the say in the end on several things. That's different here. And I'm glad for that.

The downtrend line has been broken. The masses sold out right at the bottom of wave C and large institutions came in immediately afterward and bought up the shares big-time. Since then, we've been in the early stages of its uptrend and we're likely in the early stages of wave 3 now which is typically one of the longest and strongest waves in the uptrend. Also, the downtrend in the MACD has been broken and the RSI continues to strengthen, which are further bullish signs.

And by the way, the same scenario holds true for BNO as well. I didn't issue a sell for that one either in that portfolio. The other guy did.