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Sean is ur sell for qcom still at 69

It really depends upon where your personal breakeven price is at. It does hit some resistance in the $66-$69 zone where it's at right now. The Broadcom deal is a near-term risk. So for those who are up a lot on it (which are those who've averaged down and reaped nice dividends for a while too) may want to consider selling. For those who've never averaged down and may only be up slightly, they could hold on because QCOM's fundamentals are solid and there's a shot that a buyout happens at a higher price or that the deal falls through and over time QCOM appreciates even further. HOWEVER, there's near-term risks that if the deal totally falls through, there could be a near-term pullback that could be sizable, percentage wise. That's why, if you're up a lot, % wise, it's likely worth taking profits. If you're close to breakeven, you could hold on and see what happens. If you're up a lot and you're willing to take on more risks, you can always sell half of your shares and place a stop-loss near your breakeven price. But it all depends upon where your personal breakeven price is and how much you're up on the position as to what may be prudent for you to do personally.