You went over how to know a financially sound company. The debt should be <33% of market cap. Does that go for bank stocks too? Since they lend money, would their debt be bigger? I'm looking at USB and then wondered if bank stocks use different criteria. Thank you.

Thanks for the links. They are extremely helpful. During the weekly videos sometimes I can't follow all the jargon so this helps a lot in understanding.

You're welcome. Yes, that's why I wanted the videos that discuss the tools/metrics that I use to be on that first, Ask Sean page for everyone to explore. Because it does help to explain it in more detail, whereas we don't go into that as much on the weekly videos. True.

Another video I would appreciate would show how to setup the stock chart like in your weekly videos. You mentioned yahoo finance and also stock charts. It would be nice to see how to setup the rsi with 6 period, the chart/moving averages, the volume, and the macd all in one screen. Then switch between stocks. I'm struggling to do this. I know we don't need to do this but I'd like to take your lessons, setup the screen, and test myself on the technicals. As I mentioned before, I have stock from before LI that I'd like to analyze. And although we shouldn't listen to any other advice, I do like to listen, then look at the stock from your viewpoint to see where their logic is flawed. Thank you.

I may consider that.