Hi Sean, I know you've said there is nothing you can do about increasing the volume of your podcasts but I is near impossible to hear your voice. Unfortunately I only have one volume adjustment and it's as high as possible. Your previous publisher had the same problem with one of their other publications and they initially said there was "nothing they could do" then all of a sudden the podcast was coming through so loud, I actually had to turn the volume down, so obviously there "was" something they could do. I'm wondering if there is anything you can do with your equipment that might help, even just a small amount. Thanks Sean!

My equipment is up almost as high as it will go on both my laptop and my headphones and in the recording software. It's the same settings as I had with the other publisher. You might get some external speakers that are amplified and try that to see if it helps.

I'm replaying my weekly video on my laptop and it's coming through at a very nice volume.

I checked in with another subscriber and they said they could hear it very clearly. You might add some amplified speakers or a headphone to see if that helps. If I had the ability to turn it up even more, I would.

I have had speaker issues in the past (not with Sean) and headphones or external speakers will probably make a significant difference for you. I have no problems hearing Sean.