What do we do regarding Petrobras Litigation

@linkster if you are asking if you should join the class and take the settlement, as Sean would say, you need to consult your attorney. As I read it, I personally believe it is in my favor to join the class and take the settlement ... on top of the 100% gain I made on PBR. But your situation may be different.

Sean I still have hold PBR ...do you think I should speak to a lawyer and take the settlement from Peterobas.....or can I do this without a lawyer. Is it worth doing this.please advise

I can't give you legal advice. I'm a stock picker. So you'd have to consult someone on that. I'm not worried about any settlements. My profiting comes from buying value and holding on until a good profit via stock appreciation. Profiting from suits, you'd have to consult an attorney.