What is your take on the Marijuana stocks as future comes. I have "PNTV" - cc50011

I’m not a believer in them. We won’t be investing in them.

1) We don't invest in penny stocks because most large institutions can't invest in them and it's where a ton of unscrupulous things happen (example: the wolf of Wall Street led a penny stock firm). And 2) We invest in things that make a productive difference in the world.

Love your last statement!


Thanks. As a believer in Christ, I can't just invest for profit alone. I have to invest in things that help to actually benefit the world. Yes, I know there are likely medical benefits to some of the oils made, etc. But more damage is done by people smoking it, etc. And I just can't be a part of that.

Thank you for that stance. I appreciate and support that decision.