When we look at the 50 and 200 moving day averages, how many years back do we go?

I know it's 50 days and 200 days back in time, but on charts I can see those averages over a 10 year span or more. So for our purposes for selling, do I look more long term?

On a daily chart, I look back 1 year unless I don't feel that I've captured the significant (major) low for that time period in it. In that case, I go back 2 years. On the weekly (which is what I first look at...to get the bigger picture view), I go back 10 years in time.

On stockcharts.com, you choose "weekly" and you choose "select start/end" in the Range area. So since we're in 2018, I change the start year to 2008 and hit enter.

Great!!! Thank you!


You're welcome.