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While I'm happy to answer questions you have...the types of questions I'm getting lately have been covered in the last weekly video or two OR the most recent newsletter. So it tells me that some of you aren't accessing the advice you paid good money for. That will only rip yourself off on the end. And there's no question you'll ask that's as comprehensive as my newsletters/videos. So for your sakes, stay engaged with those. And yes, STILL ask questions. I'm happy to help. But questions alone won't get you what you need. They're just a good add-on to the newsletters/videos.

Keep in mind, I'm not getting on to anyone. I'm simply admonishing you to get your money's worth and education's worth out of what you've paid for. Many of you have more in 401k's and IRAs at stake than you even make in an entire year of working. So its imperative that you spend a bit per week on those videos and once per month on the newsletter to be more informed than most out there...because many people outside of services like this are going to lose their butts in this next market downturn. So what a pity it would be for you to pay for advice that could have saved your tail end too and you didn't bother to access it. So for your sakes (not for my sake), please protect your net worth and steward it well.