Why Momentum Trading Is So Dangerous

Momentum trading is "everywhere". We see it in the financial media (ex. Fast Money & Jim Cramer). And many of the

financial newsletters are based off of it too.

In this video, I'll tell you why they have an incentive to push you towards momentum trading and yet why it's not the best thing for you.

I'll show an example of a popular momentum trade that's presently out there as well as what the "bust" after it looks like as well.

I'll also show you why there's great risks long before they are perceived and why value investing helps to dodge much of the unnecessary risks.

God bless!

awesome video sean! very relevant message especially in the current environment. thanks for sharing!


Thank you. I appreciate that.


It just leads to an Ameritrade login page. So you may have to get the story from it’s originsl source.