Yesterday's video was helpful regarding selloff of positions with high % gains, but what about positions like RIO where I'm at a 38% loss. Would it be better to take the loss or ride it out? One would hope a beat down oil stock might be where institutions put money to weather the downturn, so I'm confused about whether to stay in or get out.

Thanks so much Sean, and AGAIN, my apology for the typo!


Hello Sean, thank you for sharing all the wisdom. I need some clarification. Back in your Aug video where you have price points you said To stick with RIO until about the $70/75 range. With a pullback possible you recommended people with high percentage gains to sell part or full to lock in gains, right? However in past videos you have recommended that we not jump in and out of the stocks. I guess I’m just confused. You teach that trends can go for years. Is the recommend to jump out or stay in and hold on to the $70s? Thanks a bunch!!

jjuarez, in our previous portfolios, picture two different groups of people: those that averaged down and those that did not choose to do so. In most stocks, those that averaged down have huge double digit gains in many of the positions. Since those are FAR above average market returns, they should consider locking them in. For those who did not do any averaging downs OR if a stock took off and never gave them the opportunity to average down, then they can stick to the long-term sell targets that I gave.

Oh we won't be jumping in and out of them. When they get out...they're out and on to new stocks or else if one of our former stocks take a huge hit % wise, then we might be back in it. But it wouldn't be trading. It would be investing. Many of these subscribers have already been in some of these investments for years. So I'm not changing any of my ways. I just know that I've got both crowds out there to speak to. In time, my hopes are that everyone will listen to me on holding cash positions and averaging down.

No prob, CJH.