Do You Think Like The Rich Or Like The Middle Class?

Some people think they are just born into their economic state and that they're destined to stay there or they feel stuck there. However, you can't help where you start...(after all, I started out poor). But you can help where you go from there. And where you go from there is largely determined by

how you think.

For instance, the middle class figures up how much they make and then they make a plan to spend most all of it. They call it "a budget". If they're pretty much at break-even at the end of each month, they consider that "success".

However, rich people think differently even BEFORE they are rich. It's why I asked you in the title if you thought like a rich person (rather than if you are a rich person).

People who are on their way to being rich or who are already there have chosen to think differently. They think in terms of margins. By that I mean, they always find a way to live FAR below their means. When they made $60,000 per year, they'd find a way to live off of $40,000 and save the rest. When they worked their way up to making $150,000, they'd find a way to live off of $100,000 (further widening their margin, dollar-wise).

Meanwhile, the middle class spends all they have on houses and cars and they easily justify why "they deserve it" because "they work so hard for their money". And at first glance, that seems to sound right. However, the rich say, "Since I work so hard, I deserve to keep some of what I've earned for myself in my own bank accounts).

The middle class SPEND a large proportion of their income on things that go DOWN in value too (such as cars, clothing, etc.) while the rich INVEST a good chunk of their spare money into things that go UP in value over time such as stocks and real estate.

Imagine the person that starts off poor or middle class but yet CHOOSES to live far below their means and they save and invest the difference in things that actually go up in value over time. Can you see why they should be far better off over the coming decade than the person that made decent money but spent it all (and mostly on consumables or things that eroded in value)?

As you think differently and therefore have different (uncommon) actions due to that thinking, people will consider you "lucky". Yet you were simply strategic in stewarding what you had.

If you realize you don't have the thinking of the rich, I can help with that. Check out my book, The Six Keys To Financial Success. https://www.ebookit.com/tools/pd/Bo/eBookIt/booktitle-The-Six-Keys-to-Financial-Success

It's a quick read and it will tell you (in plain English) how to change the way you think so that you (and your lineage) can obtain a more favorable result.

God bless!

Sean, heads up, the first link to the 6 keys is broken...

TheProfitableSteward, that's so true. Well said. Yes, many think, "If I can just make more money"...but most of the time it's learning to retain more money by creating a large margin between what our costs of living are and our income. Thanks for posting.

mmontetx, got it fixed. Thanks for that heads up.

Great article, Sean. Your book will help anyone who reads it! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Russ. I appreciate that. Glad you liked the article too.