Let me be clear in saying that at The Logical Investor we won’t be putting one penny into it. I’m with Warren Buffett, Blackrock’s Fink and Jamie Dimon on this one. It’s a bubble that will end badly.

Blockchain technology and the price of bitcoin and bitcoin as a valuable asset are all separate issues. But you invest in it if you believe in it. I won’t be investing in it nor will I lead my subscribers into it.

Thank you Sean. I have been a subscriber of your services since since early 2014. I am glad you have come back after the UWR. I really enjoy and thoroughly trust your judgement/analysis on the investment portfolio and look forward to many more years. I just have a little different opinion on Bitcoin. I do not take the CEO's (of a large bank) opinion with too much validity (banks have a lot to loose) - especially from a bank who has been fined millions for trying to manipulate our currency (https://www.thestreet.com/story/13143712/1/jpmorgan-citigroup-among-banks-fined-25-billion-in-currency-rigging-probe.html). I understand that for this service it is not something to invest in, nor should it be. The goal of Bitcoin is to be a currency not an investment. It is VERY risky now and could still collapse. World-wide, folks in countries with poor economies see it as an alternative to their own fiat currency's high inflation. Japan now recognizes it as a currency (https://cointelegraph.com/news/japan-officially-recognizes-bitcoin-and-digital-currencies-as-money). As you say, Blockchain and Bitcoin value are two separate issues - albeit related.

Glad to have you as a long-term subscriber. Bitcoin is in a bubble which will pop and take down many with it, as all asset bubbles do. Buffett is no banker. Neither is Blackrock.