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People make fun of Bill Gates because he doesn't know the price of everyday items. However, here's the point they miss. When you develop enough margin in your life (the difference between what you make and what it costs you to live), you don't have to watch that quite as closely. For instance, I couldn't tell you what the price of gas is at the pump when I'm filling up. Why? We live off of no more than 50-70% of what we make. So if its a couple of pennies higher or lower per gallon, it doesn't affect my lifestyle BECAUSE I've been shrewd enough over time to work our expenses down and income to create that margin which works as a protective moat around your life. It's stewardship. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/02/22/bill-gates-pretty-bad-guessing-grocery-prices-evidenced-his-appearance-ellen/362322002/



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Yes. To run our personal businesses that way. But Stocks with huge cash reserves. Develop large cash reserves in one’s personal finances. (More on that in my book, The Six Keys To Financial Success).