Sean..At what point would you consider a position in wheat corn etc. from UWR? The chart looks close to the bottom.

DBA covers agriculture and includes those.

Sean..would DBA be something on your watch list? Chart looks close to a bottom.

It’s definitely a beaten down commodity play but it could lag initially as a tier 2 pick for larger institutions. So I’d want to see more signs the downtrend has likely ended before becoming an LI pick. But for those who hold it in former portfolios, I think it’s still fine to hold.

The magnifying glass feature is SO very helpful in refreshing my mind on Sean's answers to questions that come to mind about positions from past portfolios. I encourage members to try out the magnifying glass search tool before entering a question in Ask Sean. Chances are your question can be answered immediately using this search function.


I agree. It's a nice searchable database of lots of commentary on many stocks that people often ask about. It's very helpful for reminders, immediate answers, etc. It's why I'm glad so many quesations get asked because it builds the database for others to learn from.