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Sean's Books

The Bible has a ton to say about the topic of your money and how to structure your personal finances. Yet many Christians don't seem to know most of these instructions because they'll likely never hear them in a sermon (except for tithes and offerings). So it's why I wrote a book on what the Bible has to say about money because the Bible has many things to say about your work/job, about your savings, investments, etc. and most of these topics will never be touched on while in church. Therefore, if you'd like to learn more about how to structure your finances God's way, check out my book, The Six Keys To Financial Success: https://www.ebookit.com/tools/pd/Bo/eBookIt/booktitle-The-Six-Keys-to-Financial-Success

Another topic I've been asked a lot about is on the topic of options trading. I don't currently run an options trading newsletter (although I have in the past). So instead, I wrote a book on the topic because I've found that many options trading books are very difficult for the average person to understand. Therefore, I wanted to write a book that would likely be the easiest-to-read book on options that you've likely ever seen. And I also wanted it to come with some simple strategies to follow so that you could implement what you've learned via easy-to-follow strategies. Here's where you can find Option Trading Demystified: https://www.ebookit.com/tools/pd/Bo/eBookIt/booktitle-Option-Trading-Demystified--Six-Simple-Trading-Strategies-That-Will-Give-You-An-Edge

Both books are excellent. Easy reads full of gold nuggets of wisdom. i got one for free years ago and purchased the other. Thanks Sean!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing that!

Here's a video that Brian Fleming and I did concerning The Six Keys To Financial Success: https://youtu.be/DMPgDs0HPas


Also, Brian is a conservative Christian too and also a military vet and entrepreneur. I'd encourage military, former military and entrepreneurial-minded people to check out his Maven channel. https://www.themaven.net/veteranbusinesssuccess