Logical Investor Weekly Video 01/18/18

If you've not watched one weekly video before...be sure to watch this one. It's chock full of information that I believe

will be tremendously valuable to you. In this week's video, I talk about:

  • Some former positions that you may want to consider selling
  • where to find the portfolio link on the site
  • when and where everything comes out, that you need as a subscriber
  • one of our positions being up almost 3% on the day today
  • why your broker may be biased and not always have your best interests at heart
  • why you shouldn't buy-and-hold forever, with examples
  • as a Christian why it's important to remain a prudent steward and not a speculator/gambler (and how to know the difference)
  • how to know when the risks are now against you
  • how to know when to mentally expect a pullback and why that's important
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