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How to Know When Greed And Over-Optimism Have Taken Over

In this video, I want to show you how to measure and spot greed and over-optimism usually fueled by the financial media.

You'll learn:

  • How to spot greed/emotional, news-driven moves on the long-term charts
  • How to steer clear of these extremes and to know, minimally, how far a stock is likely to drop after an extreme run-up
  • How to dodge extreme fear-based moves
  • How what I'm showing you today can help you steer clear of misguided signals from the media and from your own fear/greed
  • We'll also talk about a number of stocks that are poised for massive crashes

God bless!

Great extra bonus video Sean thanks much.


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Excellent video. Thank you so much for sharing so many stock charts through out the site. It saves us time for searching for it ourselves plus you help us understand them with the markings!


You’re welcome.

Another great lesson.....don't want to be greedy.