Sean....I have been a subscriber for several years (AP and UWR) and using your advice and recommendations, I have seen my overall portfolio rise in value by leaps and bounds. Additionally, when my portfolio has been down (as much as -30 to -35%), your advice to stay the course and remember that we are in a marathon and not a sprint has allowed me to take profits (on your advice) when it was wise to do so, and average down when it made sense so that now over the last couple years or so, my portfolio has increased from an all time low of -35% to where it stands now at -6% while increasing in value over $40k.....For those who have not followed him for a long time....Stick to it...Heed his advice...He won't steer you wrong...Thanks again and God Bless.....

Thanks for that testimony. I sure do appreciate that. Stocks dip and rise and because you listened through the dips, it brought you success whereas the average investor would second guess themselves, their system and the market during a dip and just pull out. I'm so glad you've done so well. God bless you as well.