Two Metals About To Wake Up From Their Slumber!

Two major metals have been "dead in the water" for a long time now but they're about to wake up out of their slumber and

rally big-time!

Watch the video as I discuss the clues that I'm seeing in:

  • technical indicators
  • other metals
  • an opposing asset

Thanks for watching and God bless!

Hi Sean, I’m having trouble hearing these videos on my iPhone mobile device. I’m able to hear from youtube, however not all your videos have the youtube link. Thanks in advance.

I'm listening to it on my iPhone 8+ right now and it's very loud. Do you have your volume turned up and is your ringer turned off of vibrate mode? Either one of those could keep the volume off or low.

Significant move upward in silver today.

Up 2.5% at 12:00 est


Likely lots of large institutions going into metals with potential downside risks in stocks, broadly and with the rise of oil/commodities/inflation.



You’re welcome.

Great to know the metals are rising from the dead to run again.....been a test of faith and patience for PPLT.

Metals are a must for the world, in the case of platinum, for industrial reasons (like catalytic converters, etc.).


So metals never concern me one bit.

thanks sean.. i have still stocks from previous recommendations.(UWR). would be good to see our patience being reward...

Thanks for the update and analysis of the correlations Sean!