Clean Disruption: Energy & Transportation

Very insightful presentation by Tony Seba. By 2030 95% of all passenger-miles are going to be driven by Autonomous Electronic Vehicles.

Tony Seba makes the case for TaaS: Transportation as a Service, and why it is highly plausible this will dominate traffic in 2030.

@VFTP Paul you are going to love this

Key Observations
In 1985, McKinsey anticipated that there would be 900,000 Cell Phone subscribers in the year 2000. There were 109 million.
In 2000, Kodak had $14bn in Revenue, they invented the digital camera and were bankrupt due to tech disruption.

we are going to underestimate autonomous vehicles in the same way

His book, "Clean Disruption" is a good read

A key component of Autonomous vehicles will become a lot cheaper very soon. As predicted by Tony Seba in the above video.

To tackle these problems we’ve acquired Strobe, a company that has quietly been building the leading next-generation LIDAR sensors. Strobe’s new chip-scale LIDAR technology will significantly enhance the capabilities of our self-driving cars. But perhaps more importantly, by collapsing the entire sensor down to a single chip, we’ll reduce the cost of each LIDAR on our self-driving cars by 99%.